Hi all, New to the whole Elecraft scene. 
Just acquired my first K3 and its serial number is 07126. 
I have been experiencing some strange behavior while rotating the VFO
whereby the radio would change bands unexpectedly. On occasions, the rig
will jump to a supposed frequency well out of the range of the radio i.e. in
the VHF bands! 

I managed to capture this behavior on my phone and have uploaded it to
youtube. The link is here:- 
https://youtu.be/IILWIe7hPzg <https://youtu.be/IILWIe7hPzg>  

I have waited a long time to get hold of an Elecraft, being my dream radio
but its quickly losing its sparkle and I am losing my hair!.

ANY help would be much appreciated. I have only had it a week and I am also
emailing the supplier here in the UK.

Pete G0PNM

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