OK - thanks Rich, Don & Kevin.

1) COM3 was my XG3 RF Signal Source USB Serial Port - silly me...
2) PC Sound Card is now Default - I had to plug something into the Blue Line
In and Green Line Out jacks for them to be Ready so I could select them as
3) Nothing in K3S Line In jack; U7 card connected to the LP-PAN2
4) WSJT-X Line In/Out set to the K3S USB Audio CODEC
5) DATA A selected as mode
6) Did a manual TUNE to each WSPR frequency, so they are now stored in
7) WSJT-X/WSPR-2 Mode waterfall dark background with clear and sharp signals

Do I want my XFIL wide open to FL1 4.00?

Like Kevin says, I'll quit messing with it - it works.

Thanks again!


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