Reduce the soundcard level setting in your computer so you have a greater range of control with the MIC Gain setting.
Adjust so you get 4 bars solid with the 5th bar flashing.
7 bars is too much - you are driving into the ALC region.
The No ALC point for the K3 and K3S is at the 5th bar.


On 9/17/2016 4:37 PM, MaverickNH wrote:
Thanks for the replies all. Just back from travel - sorry for the silence.

OK - on DATA A now and getting Rx on the waterfall. So Rx but no Tx.

Nothing plugged to rear LINE IN jack, and MIC SEL to LInE In. The MIC level
was indeed low, and bumping it to level 6 yields an ALC meter raeding of 7
bars when in select TUNE from WSJT-X app. I hear the tone through my
headphones, which might not be right - or is that just monitor?

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