I did not see a reply on the reflector, so I am offering my opinion.

The order I would suggest is to add the KAT3 first, then the KPA3, and last the K144XV. That order suggestion is based on physical space, nothing electrical. It is easier to install the KAT3 before the KPA3 because there is more "finger room". The K144XV should be installed last because it sits atop everything else and you would likely want to remove it to install the KPA3.

Whether you test each one as each is installed or wait until you have everything in is up to you. Testing each one as it is installed will tell you that piece is OK. If you wait until all of them have been installed, in the case of trouble, all you can say is that the problem is with one of the options installed. If you are *really* good at troubleshooting, then you will be successful either way, but since you felt a need to ask, I suspect your confidence level is not that high and you should test each after its installation.


On 9/18/2016 5:52 PM, Geoff wrote:
Perhaps a simple question but I am a new Elecraft user.

I have a 10 Watt K3S, (obtained pre built) together with*the****following three upgrade options ready to be installed; *100W automatic antenna tuner (KAT3), 100W PA stage (KPA3) and 2m option (K144XV).

Is there any preferred order to install them? Left to my own devices I would probably start with KPA3, and finish with the K144XV, and I am also wondering whether to re-assemble and test between the addition of each module.

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