Question for the K3s DSP programmer(s):

After reading the "audio" thread and trying to optimize my audio equalizer, my 
questions are: what is the headroom over the 0 dB equalizer? Or does the DSP 
has its own normalizer/AGC to avoid overload?

Found a satisfactory setting, with maximum values being set to 0 dB in the 
voice band (300-3 k), and consequently have to turn the volume halfway in a 
calm room (audio preset= high).

My concerns are:
- not clipping the AF while overflowing the DSP, namely registers during 
- getting enough AF gain so to have sufficient audio power especially in noisy 

Said in another way what is in practice the maximum safe gain settable in the 

VY 73,
Christian F1GWR in JN38SN
K3s groupie
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