I recently have been having extensive electrical renovation done on my early 60s era house. We found wires spliced in the middle of a wall (3 different places), wrong wire sizes, a dead bat in the main meter panel, and my favorite: a 220V circuit with each phase on a separate single breaker, which weren't even the same amperage! :=)

Alan N1AL

On 09/20/2016 08:43 AM, Ken G Kopp kengk...@gmail.com [KX3] wrote:

My house ... built mid-60's ... had "modern" 3-wire receptacles
throughout ... and was wired with single conductor "knob and tube"
wiring.  To add to the difficulty, the boxes were mounted halfway
between the studs on 1 x 3 boards.  Terrible rework required!

No idea how it passed inspection for the loan!  (;-)



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