Hi All,

I have had the K-Pod some time now and have been more than happy with it. I modded the K3 with the 6.8 ohm R so that I only need to use the rj45 cable supplied to connect the K3 and K-Pod together.

I have, being lazy, programmed F3 to simulate M1 which works fine most of the time.

When it works I press the F3 and MEM 3 appears on the K3 display and the contents of M1 are send (my call in CW). Occasionally only the MEM 3 appears and the M1 contents are not sent. I know its easy enough to just press F3 again and it will work but thats not the point.

Has anyone else seen this or similar and found the fix? I thought it maybe RF getting in but it happens on various bands so while not impossible, it is unlikely (OK prove me wrong).

Looking forward to hearing the theories!

73 de Tony G6GLP

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