That may not be a K-POD problem since the MEM 3 is being shown in the VFO B area. Try to see if you can duplicate the same behavior with your M1 button (with the K-POD connected).

If you suspect an RF problem, try it into a dummy load and see if the behavior stops. If it does, some work on your antenna system to reduce the RF in the Shack.


On 9/21/2016 8:07 AM, Tony G6GLP wrote:
Hi All,

I have had the K-Pod some time now and have been more than happy with it. I modded the K3 with the 6.8 ohm R so that I only need to use the rj45 cable supplied to connect the K3 and K-Pod together.

I have, being lazy, programmed F3 to simulate M1 which works fine most of the time.

When it works I press the F3 and MEM 3 appears on the K3 display and the contents of M1 are send (my call in CW). Occasionally only the MEM 3 appears and the M1 contents are not sent. I know its easy enough to just press F3 again and it will work but thats not the point.

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