Is there any problem "jumping " from my current level to the newest?

Thanks Guys, I should have known but somehow I thought I had to upgrade to
load new levels because of the synthesizers.  So glad to hear that and this
one will be quite an upgrade from maybe a couple of years ago.  

I just made 1200 contacts with it in the previous 9 days for Route 66
On-The-Air Special Event and it worked just fine like it always dd.  Heard
from another person who was listening to me and didn't understand how I
could hear some and he couldn't.  I told him it was spelled K3.  Last year
2387 and the previous year 2606 in the 9 days.  Had personal stuff in the
way this year.   Radio works FINE.

Will start with a new K3 Utility and go from there.  

Thanks all, 73, Jim KG0KP W6P(annually)

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Go ahead and update your K3 with the latest level firmware!
K3 Utility has the capability to interrogate your K3 and determine which
modules are to be loaded.
Yes, there are K3S unique firmware modules, but K3 Utility sorts all that
out so you get the latest for your K3 configuration.
The firmware is "backwards compatible" - the K3 is not obsolete nor "old
Elecraft would not remove firmware upgrade support without notice - consider
that the legacy gear is still being supported - the K2, K1, and
KX1 - that is witness to the Elecraft support for all customers, new or old.
The first K2s were produced in 1998 and are still going strong and even
those first K2s are capable of being upgraded with mod kits to be equal to
the latest K2 being shipped (with some minor exceptions).  I think this is
an example of the kind of support you will receive from Elecraft in the


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