Many thanks Guy for you help. I use K3S from april and can be that I havent set 
at the best the rig.I work 90% CW, usually with 500hz 5 pole filter, sometime 
with the 200hz 6 pole.Usually I work 40-20-17-15-10 meter, in contests also 80 
meters.In these last months I worked expecially 40-20-18-15.Usually I have AGC 
slow for ragchewing and fast for contests, always qsk with a bug.PRE - noATT-  
no AGC - slow, sometime fastANT - a Force 12 C4 yagi (2el 20 - 3el 15 - 3 el 
10m - 1 element 40m 17m 12m  - also have a dipole 80m-40m inv vee low on a roof 
at 5th floor; the yagi is 8m high from this roof (composite material, including 
aluminum layer), the buildings around are lower.RX ANT - noWIDTH - the same as 
xtal filter, 500hz or 200hz.
in the CONFIG MENU I have: AGC DCY - norAGC HLD - 0.00AGC PLS - norAGC SLP - 
012AGC THR - 005AGC-F - 120AGC-S - 020
Now with the 500hz filter and agc fast, no preamp no attenuator,  ant yagi  to 
north america,  in this moment, I have this noise (local time 22.00):40m---- S7 
20m ----S4 S517m --- S3 S415m -  S312 m --- S1 S228mhz--- S4Some time of the 
day noise from long range radar, wide spectrum military emissions or domestic 
applience or lights noises go up to S9.
You asked the higher signals that I receive: say 20dB over S9 or even 30dB over 
S9 from a pair of local hams at the other side of my town.
But I work all kind of signals low and high (327 countries DXCC and a lot of 
ragchew CW).
Thanks for your patience :)

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Ogg: Re: [Elecraft] K3S - K3 Noise Blanker and Noise Reductor

Hi, Ian,

Can you possibly tell me these settings, please? You are getting
results very, very different than I do.

What bands are you using?

On each band in question, what is the noise floor on the s-meter when
the band is open.

On each band in question, what is the s-meter reading for the loudest
signals you are receiving when the band is open.

On each band in question, what are these settings made from the front

What are these settings made in the CONFIG MENU: AGC DCY, AGC HLD, AGC

There is some kind of interaction with NB and NR for each of these.
Perhaps there are one or two of them that are reducing your results.

73, Guy K2AV

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