Your AGC SLP and AGC THR menu settings are contributing to the noise response of your K3S.
I recommend you increase the AGC THR setting and decrease the AGC SLP.
Look at my website www.w3fpr.com "Noisy K3" article. It will give you guidelines for setting those AGC parameters to best deal with the ambient noise you have at your location. Pay particular attention to the method of evaluating your changes. You must listen during pauses in a signal. If you listen only to the noise, you will end up adjusting the wrong direction.


On 10/13/2016 3:58 PM, glcazz...@alice.it wrote:

in the CONFIG MENU I have:
AGC DCY - nor
AGC HLD - 0.00
AGC PLS - nor
AGC SLP - 012
AGC THR - 005
AGC-F - 120
AGC-S - 020

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