See page 18 of the KXPA100 manual. Yes, you must provide a connection that grounds the PA KEY connection to the KXPA100.

I do not know of a commercial cable that will provide KEYOUT from the Flex to the KXPA100.

If you are not able to build the cable yourself due to whatever problems, perhaps you can find a local ham who would be willing to assist you with the soldering and cable construction. Look for a ham who has been licensed for many years (likely has a 1X3 call). We used to build our own gear and questions like this rarely came up. We were all expected to be able to do soldering and follow a schematic by our peers. Sadly, those days seem to be no longer the norm.


On 10/14/2016 6:58 PM, Jose Rivera wrote:
I am a happy KX3, KXPA100 owner.  I had the opportunity to obtain a Flex-1500 
radio. I want to use the
Flex-1500 with the KXPA100, since the Flex is a qrp radio.

My question: Do I have to have a cable running into the KXPA's PTT plug or can 
the KXPA100 be keyed up by
the Flex-1500 via just coax connections?

I am terrible making cables and soldering, which is why I am loath to attempt 
to make a cable. And no one
seems to sell such a cable. The Flex-1500 has a nine pin female DIN, While the 
KXPA100 has an RCA PTT.
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