Well, technically it is saved per band per KPA500 state, if you have one. I'm pretty sure it isn't also saved per mode.

I've never been at ease with memory functions that simply save the last state without leaving a message somewhere on the display what the current saved state is. When the "Power for KPA state" feature came out, there were several times when I faulted the KPA on the first dit because the power was at 100W. I know it was pilot error but I began to check it just to be sure.

For a remote station with multiple operators in various places on the planet, I really do *always* check the power settings before transmitting.


Fred K6DGW
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On 10/16/2016 3:38 PM, George Kidder wrote:
I suspect that most of us like to reduce our power output on digital
modes, so the continuous carrier doesn't overheat something.  At present
(as far as I can figure out) the power output setting is saved per band
but not per mode, so that changing from CW to digital on the same band
requires remembering to reduce power manually, and remembering to put it
back when digital modes are no longer being used.

As an addition to the long wish list: How about saving the power output
setting per band AND per mode?  Or is there some technical reason why
this is not possible?

George, W3HBM

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