Admittedly a neophyte in learning the ins and outs of writing macros so forgive if this question has already been addressed.

I am trying to place macros in the P3 SVGA memories and have run into the problem that appears the K3 response time for doing band changes is preventing the ability to write a complex macro. Is there a way to insert delays into the macro to allow band change (possibly other functions) to complete?

An example of what I am trying to do is below where a band change at the start results in having to run the macro twice to work. It depends on what prior band was in use. My desire is to switch from other bands/modes to specific operating frequencies and have the P3 span and center freq be specific.

BN03;MD1;FA00007290000;BW0280;PC100;FT0;SB1;CP010;SWT13;SWT13;DNB7;#NB1;#SPN002000;#CTF 00007250000;

Appreciate any pointers.

Dave K5MWR
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