Elecraft K3 HF/6 meters 100 watts with:
KAT3A Internal ATU with 2nd Ant. Jack,
KRX3A High Performance Subreceiver ,
KTCXO3-1 TCXO 1 PPM (0.5 typical),
KSYN3A Synthesizer Main , KSYN3A Second Synthesizer SUB ,
KXV3A RX Ant., 2nd Pre-Amp, IF Out and Xverter Interface ,
KFL3A-250 ,KFL3A-400 , KFL3A-1.8K, KFL3A-2.7K.
73CNC after market knobs,
NEW The Elecraft K3 Book by Fred Cady-KE7X
I also have the *KFL3B-FM   13 kHz FM/AM**, **8-pole* *filter*
* not installed.*Non Smoker. Nice condition. $2700 shipped to CONUS.

George Rebong
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