Hi Irwin, 

Looks like you found a bug.  But as a work around I would suggest setting
the SVGA waterfall height to operate on its own, independent of the P3's
waterfall height.  To do that, press the MENU button on the front of the P3
and using the encoder, select SVGA Menu.  Then select 'WfEn' and change it
to 'Waterfall on'.   In this mode, the SVGA's waterfall is controlled
independently from the P3's waterfall.  To adjust the SVGA waterfall, use
SVGA Menu>WfHt.  To adjust the P3's waterfall, use the regular P3 menu
selection 'Waterfall'

Also note that in this 'separate mode'. the SVGA screen 'unfollows' the P3's 
waterfall average, waterfall color, and waterfall markers settings.  Refer
to page 44 of the current P3 manual (revision H, available on our website)
for more information. 



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