Got an interesting anomaly with KAT500 #007

Without making any changes to settings, cables, movement of equipment,
AuxBus or RS232 cables etc, it now has stopped "following" on QSY.
Band changes are working, first Dit will set tune to stored memory, checked
the KAT500 utility, boxes for QSY/Tune on Auto and Manual are ticked.
Manual and Auto tune works as expected and apart from the QSY feature I am
at a loss to see what has changed other than the obvious, not following the
VFO. Oh, and yes, I am on the correct VFO
Reloaded previous saved config, no change.
Any ideas anyone?

*Gary - VK1ZZ, K3NHLSkype: Gary.VK1ZZ
<>Motorhome Portable*
*Miss Behavin'*

*Elecraft K3KPA500FT  #18KAT500FT  #007*
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