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> Subject: Re: [Elecraft] [K3] SSB TX modulation heard in phones
> Richard,
> FR feedback will not necessarily create a distorted sound, so do not 
> rule that out.
> One of the best checks to see if it is an RFI problem is to operate into 
> a dummy load.  If the problem goes away, it is time for better common 
> mode chokes on the antenna feedlines.
> 73,
> Don W3FPR
And / or, the 'phones cable near where it connects into the radio.

Ferrite chokes are not that effective at HF frequencies however, so you
will need multiple turns on the core, "figure of 8" style (like you'd
use to create a wide band "UnUn" transformer.)


Dave G0WBX.

PS:    If anyone on air comments on strange audio, choke the mic lead too!

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