Well that was fun. Both nets had alright propagation. Nothing to write home to mom about but OK. A wide variety of QRN types as well as the ever present QSB. Then there are the tests: a weak KX3 signal from the wilds of Minnesota, 400 watts from Central California, and then an ear testing 1500 watts from the mother ship. Listening to the forest is always a treat after a summer's 40 meter net :)

On 20m 14050 kHz:

NO8V - John - MI

K0DTJ - Brian - CA

K6PJV - Dale - CA

K6XK - Roy - IA

W0CZ - Ken - either MN or ND

On 40m 7045 kHz:

K0DTJ - Brian - CA

K6PJV - Dale - CA

K6KR - Dick - CA testing a 1500 watt amp (it works, my ears are still ringing)

WM5F - Dwight - ID

Now to go for a walk and rest my ears.


         Kevin.  KD5ONS

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