Hi Clay,

I could easily reproduce your problem. Note: I do not have the AUX cable
connected. Apparently you just pressed TUNE on the tuner. That will not
start the K3 sending a tuning tone. Thus the blinking LED (MAN led if in
manual mode, AUTO LED if in in AUTO mode). You must press and hold the TUNE
button on the K3 to send the tuning power you have selected. The KAT500 will
then instantly tune and the mode LED goes back to steady on.

I don't know if this behavior is also present if the AUX cable is connected.

AB2TC - Knut

Clay Autery-2 wrote
> Situation:  Tuner inline between K3s and known good dummy load.
> 1) Tuner off - K3s tunes 1:1 instantly
> 2) Tuner on in bypass - K3s tunes 1:1 instantly
> 3) Tuner on, and in Manual OR Auto Mode, tuner clicks and then Mode
> light starts blinking.
> All components in signal path obviously AND tested known good.
> Any ideas where to start troubleshooting the malfunction?
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> ______________________
> Clay Autery, KY5G
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