I'm the process of setting up WSJT to run FT8 on my K3, using an external sound card.

Set DATA A mode on the K3, turned of Windows sounds (which don't go through my external sound card anyway).

The WSJT instructions say to press the Tune button -- in WSJT, not the K3 -- and you should hear a tone in the radio's monitor function, which should be a "completely pure tone." At this point you can adjust the levels for the correct amount of drive.

I can easily adjust the sound card output and K3 Mic gain to give me the desired four bars solid with the fifth flickering. The problem is that when I do this, the tone I hear in the K3 monitor is warbling -- not what I would call a "pure tone."

Is this what I should hear or is something maladjusted?

Victor, 4X6GP
Rehovot, Israel
Formerly K2VCO
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