I would replace those components that look damaged.
When you begin testing it again, first set the bias.
Then unplug the power cable to the KPA100 and power only the base K2.
Run the base K2 at 10 watts while nulling and adjusting the wattmeter potentiometers R26 and R27. Once you have done the above, power the KPA100 once again and touch up the wattmeter reading at 80 or 100 watts.


On 8/9/2017 9:53 AM, harry weston wrote:
A while ago I built a KPA100 to go with my K2, but unfortunately was careless 
while testing it and accidentally fed its output at a high power into a cable 
with a bad, open circuit PL259 connection. Whiff of magic smoke, panic, and I 
found several components in the TR switch badly scorched. The obviously damaged 
items are: R21, R13 and C71, and the 1K resistor across RFC3 is black and open 
circuit. RFC3 itself appears undamaged, and its inductance measures 88 
My question is, please: is it ok just to replace these burnt components, or is 
there likely to be further unseen damage that I should also allow for? If so 
what else should I replace, or are there any special tests I can do to find out?
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