Hi Serge,

The problem is in the audio path, since CAT and PTT are evidently working.

Starting from the software - make sure the correct sound card output is
selected. In view of the fact that you are able to receive and therefore
must have been able to select the correct sound card input, this is likely
not the problem.

In the Windows sound card applet, under the Playback tab, select the sound
card output you are using to send from, click on Properties, select the
Levels tab and make sure the level setting is not at zero. I can't tell you
what the setting should be, except that it should not be zero.

If you are using the K3S's internal sound card (USB Audio codec), make sure
nothing is plugged into the Line In jack on the back of the K3S. If you are
using a computer sound card, make sure the cable between the sound card's
output and the K3S's Line In jack is good.

With CONFIG:MIC SEL set to LINE IN, rotate the K3S's MIC control . You will
see LINE nnn in the bottom of the K3S's display, where nnn is the control
setting - make sure nnn is not zero.

With the the K3S in TX TEST mode, or the PWR control set to zero, or
transmitting into a dummy load, put the software in transmit mode using an
audio frequency in the middle of the bandpass (around 1500 Hz in DATA A).
Adjust the Windows sound card level setting and the K3S's MIC control to
get 4-5 bars displayed on the K3S's ALC meter.

Once you have done that, you should be good to go.

Once it is working, I would suggest that you put the K3S in Split mode and
set Split Operation in WSJT-X to Rig. This will ensure that the software
always transmits using audio between 1500 Hz and 2000 Hz, regardless of
where the received signal is in your IF bandpass.

If you find that using split results in excessive delays in starting to
transmit, the workaround is to turn the K3S's VOX on and set PTT to VOX in
WSJT-X. VOX works very well in DATA A mode (you might have to adjust the
MAIN:VOX GN setting - it should be set high enough to keep the transmitter
on reliably during your transmissions).

Rich VE3KI

On 11/08/2017 15:30, Serge Bertuzzo wrote:
> Hello to the group.
> I am receiving no problem at all. I am however having  difficulty in
> WSJT-X to transmit. I am using a K3s.
> I have the K3s set up for Data A (USB) mode operation and have the
> set to LINE IN.
> On the WSJT software Settings under the  <Radio> tab I have  selected the
> under Rig, set the serial port that I normally use for CAT control (COM 5
in my
> case), I have set PTT method to CAT, the set Mode to None, and set Split
> Operation to None. Not quite sure how to change the Transmit Audio source
> setting as it is greyed out. It is presently set for Front / Mic.
> If I hit the TUNE button on the WSJT software my transceiver goes into
> mode but there is no output at all.
> Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciate. Thank you in advance.
> 73
> Serge
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