Anthony - I have been working through a K2 (with literally every option
available) project since January and am down to only one remaining option.
Apart from the incorrectly supplied 12m bandpass trimmer caps issue
mentioned a while back, I also had the 7185 waof issue you did. I ended up
removing RFC15 and C88. Of course in both cases, Don immediately had an
answer. Don and his generosity with his expertise is literally one of the
best reasons to build/own a K2!

When my KX3 main oscillator (Y1) failed, and I was forced to send it to
Elecraft. I came to the realization that the K2 is really the only modern
radio I am interested in (for what I do). I BUILT IT AND I CAN FIX IT and
to me that is everything...
Bob / W9KKB
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