"Guess one gets what they pay for in terms of quality."

I'd say "not always". There are some major manufacturers that sell into the Ham market that are pretty poor.

The P3 was a real eyeopener watching the low level spikes and mounds of wideband noise drifting across the screen. I made some improvements but as far as I was concerned not worth the effort. Ultimate solution is to invest in more iron and take the weight and space penalties.

K2TK  ex KN2TKR (1956) & K2TKR

On 8/12/2017 11:25 PM, Bob McGraw K4TAX wrote:
Not exactly correct. I have 2 which do not, as I measure and listen, create any noise. On the other hand, I purchased a "deal" for a 13V / 30 amp supply. It measures.......well it will never be in or around my house as it generated lots of noise from 1 MHz to over 100 MHz. I was suspicious when I couldn't find a Part 15 label on the box. But after all, new shipped to me was less than $20. 73

Bob,  K4TAX

On 8/12/2017 10:13 PM, Clay Autery wrote:
Yup!  And tech geeks like me can have 75 switch mode power supplies in a
1000 ft sq house....

SMPS are the devil's work and must be destroyed!  ;)

I've done away with about 1/3 of them so far...  Eventually, I hope to
eliminate ALL of them from the entire property.


Clay Autery, KY5G

On 8/12/2017 10:07 PM, Jim Brown wrote:
On 8/12/2017 7:31 PM, krug261--- via Elecraft wrote:
I came back to radio after a 15 year break.
The thing that's changed is the proliferation of noise generators. The
RF environment has become so bad that broadcasters have raised the
issue with the FCC, and the FCC is studying it in a serious way.

In a tutorial/applications note about finding and killing it, I made
an educated guess that the average residence has at least two dozen,
and probably three dozen, HF noise sources.


73, Jim K9YC

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