Look at the KXPA100 manual page 12 for the connections. That is for the KX3 - the PC connects to the KXPA100, the KX2 is similar. You will need the KX2ACBL to use the KXPA100 with the KX2. That is in addition to the cable that comes with the KXPA100.

Those cables have nothing to do with the audio in and out for soundcard data modes, but will convey frequency and other data between the KX2 and the soundcard data software. You will have to connect the soundcard audio output to the microphone jack on the KX2 and the soundcard audio input to the PHONES jack on the KX2.

Win4K3 has a great many features that you may want to take advantage of - study the WIN4K3 webpage to determine if it will enhance your particular operation.


On 2/4/2018 5:38 PM, Tim N9PUZ wrote:
I have a KX2 and KXP100 which I would like to also connect to a computer
for sound card modes, etc. if possible. The KX2 manual, on page 9 it says:

An Elecraft KX2 Accessory Cable (KX2ACBL) can
be used to break out the computer control and key out
signals separately. These can then be connected to both
an Elecraft KXPA100 ampflier via its supplied cable.

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