I had an oddity with hooking an antenna to the BNC connector on my KX3 that
happened enough times to be chalked up to something other than random
chance.    Looking for opinions on whether my solution aligned to your

I have a complete station - a KX3, a PX3, and a KXPA100.   The KXPA100 is
connected via a Cables On Demand connector with a PL259 on one end and a
BNC connector on the other end.  All other interface cables are Elecraft

This is NOT the first BNC connector that I've used.  Prior to this last
acquisition I had a couple of other BNC to PL259 jumpers that I was using,
and the usual smattering of connectors and adapters in the junque box.

No matter which one I used, If I removed the BNC connector from the rig
(maybe to go portable, for example, or the last time it was because I
installed Eneloop Pro batteries to the internal battery holders) I would
put everything back together, and then would have severe - almost
debilitating - signal attenuation when I got the rig fired up.   If I
twisted and spun the BNC connector on the jack, it would improve, and then
get bad again more often than not.   It could take up to 20 minutes to get
everything "dialed in" so that the signal was appearing again. God help me
if I accidentally moved something after that.  And of course, while all
this was happening the ATU was having fits, with 99:1 SWR readings and the
amp was going offline; all kinds of weirdnesses.   After things calmed
down. the ATU behaved itself, the amp stopped being pouty, and all was then

Thankfully, now that I have the Cables On Demand product, things seem to
have quieted down - although I still don't disconnect without provocation.
:)   Though I'm desperately afraid of when I start to go mobile after the
snow melts and the weather gets nice again.   :)    Hope I can get my IC706
fixed and back in service as my base station before that occurs.

My question was going to be in desperation more than anything else if this
last cable didn't work, but thankfully, that's been the only cable vendor
that I trust for any of my specialized cables and they haven't failed me
even with this one.

Are BNC connectors that finicky?   Is it possible that I just had a bad
batch of low quality jumpers?   I'm just wondering if anyone else has had
excessive fiddling with their BNC connections.

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