Ken & Rich,
As a broadcaster, we used hundreds even thousands of BNC video cables - they 
are no more finicky then another RF coax cable until you get to hard line or 
Helix (which are bullet proof in N, UHF or EIA).

Unless the cable has an improperly installed connector or the cable is 
damaged, then and the BNC connection becomes intermittent it is usually 
because the female has become spread out. The solution is to just tighten it 
with a fine pick. We used solder picks but a dental pick is even better or a 
small pocket knife.

I had that problem with my P3 using the factory cable. Elecraft replaced the 
cable. Then replacement cable became intermittent. I tightened the female 
pins. Haven't had an issue since. My P3 was ordered as soon as the P3-kit 
was announced. I should have remembered the issue before bothering Elecraft.

Long ago - when we first started using BNC connectors instead of PL259 for 
video we discovered the hard way that you should not intermix 50 ohm & 75 
ohm BNC male connectors in the plant. Prior to that time we only used BNC 
for RF; so our connectors were 50 ohm. We had ended up with both types in 
the BNC bin.
We weren't the only station to trouble shoot this issue. It was a problem we 
discovered along with many other engineering departments.

The good news is that the male center pin on BNC cables have been 
standardized to eliminate the issue; but cable assemblies with the smaller 
center pin are still out there.
We had a home made gauge that we used when we changed brands or part numbers 
ordering BNC male connectors just to be sure.

George  AI4VZ

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Well, if I did, then it's been placed into quarantine now.   :)
> Rich ...
> Any chance you have one or more 72 ohm BNC connectors and/or adapters?
> They -are- different than 50 ohm ones.
> 73!
> Ken Kopp - K0PP

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