In addition to the KXPACBL, you need the KX2ACBL to separate the computer control and the Key Out signals. Yes, the computer connection is still to the KXPA100, but the KX2 has only one ACC jack and the KX3 has ACC1 and ACC2 jacks. You plug the KX2ACBL into the KX2 ACC jack and that cable splits out to two jacks which mate with the two plugs on the KXPACBL.

Other than for that fact, the connections are just like with the KX3.


On 3/6/2018 12:06 PM, eric norris via Elecraft wrote:
I am a bit flummoxed as to how to set this up.  I can't find anything in the 
KX2 or KXPA100 manuals.  I am at a remote site for today only, so please email 
me directly if you can help.
I have the KX2 working fine with the KXPA100, and an FT817 + KXPA100 + CAT 
working with a rigblaster.
Shirley there is a way to do this with the KX2.  :-)
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