1.   I had fun.
2.   I read the Guide before, during, and after the test.
3.   I started to 20m and was confused.  Partly because I was not
   hearing the FOX and was seeing stations below 1K with "R-12" reports.
4. On 20m, it did not help that XE1GK was calling CQ on top of W1/KH7Z
   +/- 1HZ (I did see KH7Z a few times with reports).  Being in W3 I
   would not "expect" to hear a W1, but the XE1 was -1 to -15 didn't help.
5.   I saw CQ on 30m.  Since I could see both sides of the QSO, I was
   "starting" to figure out the change in freq to below 1K.
6.   On 30m, now that I was calling, I figured out the Split Operation
   Rig/Fake It set-up.  I changed to "Rig".
7.   On 30m, I realized, now that I could "see" the FOX that my RX
   bandpass did not cover 300Hz.
8.   My KX3 with "Data A" has a wide bandpass of 400Hz to 3500Hz and
   shifting the RX down was not going to work with the software shift
   for the report, I "guess"...
9.   I changed my KX3 to USB, removed CMP and RX/TX audio EQ.  The
   lower RX cut-off would receive the FOX on the assigned freq.
10.   I looked at the KX3 manual C5 for a way to set the passband low
   end cutoff while in Data A mode.  Nothing found.  Does the K3s have
   the same problem?
11.   On 40m, I now knew what was going on...  I heard the CQ, The FOX
   answered my GRID and the software moved me between 300Hz and 900HZ
   (the manual does say that) but until it happens, I was not sure what
   it meant. The FOX never "RR73" 'd me.  I was running 10 watts.
12.   On 80m it was the same as 40m.  I was running 15w (with a fan
   blowing on the heatsink).  I never finished a QSO.
13.   I had fun and thank you for the DXpedition effort.
14.   I need to see what Elecraft has to say about the "Data A" low freq
   cut-off setting...

73, steve WB3LGC

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