In DATA A, use the SHIFT (PBT II) to shift the passband down.
The widest passband is 3000 Hz. which is consistent with your 400 to 3500 Hz observation. I suggest shifting it to 150 to 3150 Hz. It will work fine for most soundcard data modes.

The K3/K3S has the same behavior, but it is not a problem.


On 3/7/2018 11:47 AM, Stephen Shearer wrote:

8.   My KX3 with "Data A" has a wide bandpass of 400Hz to 3500Hz and
    shifting the RX down was not going to work with the software shift
    for the report, I "guess"...
9.   I changed my KX3 to USB, removed CMP and RX/TX audio EQ.  The
    lower RX cut-off would receive the FOX on the assigned freq.
10.   I looked at the KX3 manual C5 for a way to set the passband low
    end cutoff while in Data A mode.  Nothing found.  Does the K3s have
    the same problem?
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