Hi Jim,

Not broken down by prepaid levels but they did say in the Early Notification email this:

Deposit Preorders will be shipped from the first production run in the order received, followed by non-deposit orders.

So I wasn't sitting at the computer when the announcement hit but was about 18 hours into the 24 hour window. So I had to look at the fully prepaid order as nothing more than a blatant bribe to move up a few notches on the shipping list and the free shipping.

It may not be all inclusive but the order number for SN 45 was two minutes from N9PY's order and mine was 127 later but probably was not all KPA1500's or all of the KPA1500s. As they said other orders were received by other means too.

On Feb 6th Eric said they were "shipping KPA1500 for several days now". So after almost a month there are about 50 units shipped, most likely including engineering units . Not impressive or encouraging.

I'm not an Elecraft basher I'm Elecraft from 160 meters to 432MHZ.

K2TK  ex KN2TKR (1956) & k2TKR

K2, KX3, K3. KPA500, KAT500. P3, KRC, 3 XV's and more.

On 3/7/2018 12:43 PM, Jim N7US wrote:
I placed my order with a $1000 deposit on 8/31.  I expect them to put those who 
fully prepaid for their amplifiers first and those who put a $3000 deposit next 
in line.

73, Jim N7US

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KPA1500 S/N 45 arrived at my Utah qth yesterday (Tuesday March 6) after 
shipping on Friday March 2.   For those of you who are closely watching 
shipment progress and serial numbers, my prepaid order was placed on Aug 24 ten 
minutes after the “now accepting orders” email had been sent …… and the 
confirmation email was sent from Elecraft 11 minutes later … 21 minutes after 
the announcement email.

Don, N5LZ

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