They aren't difficult to build. I made a couple with an inexpensive 8" shear/brake and a drill press. You can see some of the details in this google album.

If you don't have the equipment, they shouldn't be very expensive to have made as Alan suggested.

I made one change. Instead of a lot of fiddly (but very clever) little blocks to cut, drill and tap, I make them as four long rails of 1/4" square stock. That resulted in tradeoffs that made it only marginally easier than making all the blocks. For one, all the holes had to be that much more accurately placed on the rails.

Eric KE6US

On 3/10/2018 8:28 AM, Paul Wilton wrote:
Does anyone have an EC2 enclosure surplus to requirements that they would be 
willing to sell?  The EC2 is now discontinued and I’m looking for one to mount 
a KPA100 into.

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