Power readings here in Ypsilanti . . .Using the KX3/PX3/KXPA100 for several years now AND enjoy it very much; including a keyboard into the PX3 for some fun on CW too ~ but mostly use the Navy flame-proof key with SKCC activity (# 6099T)

Here are my reading on the METERS on the SEC-1235 power supply  . . . a good power supply . . .

At 5W       1.5A  and 14V        KX3 alone

At 10W    3.0A  and 14V        KX3 alone

At 20W    10A   and 14V        KX3 + KXPA100

At 50W    15A   and  14V      KX3 + KXPA100

AT 75 W   17A   and 14V      KX3 + KXPA100

At 100W  23A  and 14V       KX3 + KXPA100

Cheers, Jan  K1ND
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