Thank you Jan!

Also a thank you to the private direct reports.

I'm in a temporary limited shack condition. To KIS, using a K2/10 with a
battery. While sending an endless string of auto-keyer 10W CQs on 20M my
mind wondered to: what is the addition battery drain for 3 dB?

Testing a K3, the bias current for the 100W amplifier is about 5A. I
wondered what the KXPA100 bias current is? Based on the reported
numbers, it's about 7A.

There's been a bunch of list comments about the amazing K2. I agree!
Looking at the Elecraft shipping page, there's been a K2 run. Long live
the K2.

John KN5L

On 03/12/2018 07:56 AM, Jan wrote:
> At 10W    3.0A  and 14V        KX3 alone
> At 20W    10A   and 14V        KX3 + KXPA100
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