I’ll let you know if I figure it out. 


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From: Johnny Siu
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Subject: KX2 and SCS Pactor Modem Setup

I want to know the answer as well.  I once emailed SCS about the same subject 
for my KX3 but their answer is simply - don't know, never tried, don't support 

Perhaps, SCS is mainly targeting the marine market.


Johnny VR2XMC

寄件人︰ Mitch Apintiloaiei <mapin...@gmail.com>
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主題︰ [Elecraft] KX2 and SCS Pactor Modem Setup


This is my first post. I'm trying to connect an SCS 7400 modem with my KX2.
Got the RMS Express installed, and it's going through the steps without
success. I suspect my KX2 setup is not right. Does anybody here know what
the exact settings for the KX2 are? I don't seam to be able to find any
info by Google.

Really appreciate any help you guys might be able to provide.


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