With #10 AWG wire for the DC power cable, set the supply no load voltage to 14.0.  This is well within the safe operating range of the radio per Elecraft specifications.     [Minimum 11.0 volts, Maximum 15.0 volts]

In transmit 100 watts, you should see 13.5 volts or more at the radio.   You can easily and accurately monitor the voltage at the radio, no load and load, by setting the DISP to read voltage.  If you have more than a 0.5 volt drop between receive and transmit in CW mode, 100 watts, key down, either there is a power supply regulation issue, or the IR drop in the power cables and connections are  excessive.

Also, the radio should be connected direct to the power supply terminals and not through some other power distribution means. { I don't care what the advertisers say.}     IR drop is IR drop and every conductor and every connector is a contributor to IR drop.


Bob, K4TAX

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My 70amp Astron has 1/4" lugs and they seem to make a secure connection.
Do to my longer lead length (power supply on floor) I used 8ga wire. This
was difficult to stuff into the K3S sized PowerPole. Even with the shorter
leads that I use on contest expeditions along with a switching power
supply I found that I need 10ga wire to keep the voltage above 13.5 on TX.
I think that larger PowerPoles or studs would have been nicer for those
interested in keeping the K3S voltage in the desirable range. Double as
Joe suggested would also work if you wanted to run two sets of wires.

John KK9A

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