The following two issues arose during a K1 build that, while obvious to some, weren't to me, and probably wouldn't be to many . . .

(1)  Even though the Errata sheet says trimmer caps C13 and C20 "may look different from what is shown", the trimmer caps shipped with recent K1 kits not only look different, they are structurally different in that they have no "flattened" side which is the indicator for how they are to be mounted.  However, continuity testing between the tuning slot (the metallic tab that the screw driver turns) and each contact leg will reveal that the leg with the continuity is the same as the "flattened" end.  I would have guessed it was the leg with the dab of red paint but I would have been wrong.

(2)  At first I thought I was missing eight 0.1mf capacitors said to be labeled "104."  A strip of eight, blue, square components with no "104" was remaining in the RF board bag, and I eventually surmised they constituted the missing capacitors, although they looked different from any capacitor I had ever seen in my 58 years in the hobby.

My thanks to Don Wilhelm for saving me a lot of extra work.

Suspecting the K1 and K2 kits are probably not long for this Earth, I bought both last Fall with the intent of building the K1 this Spring and the K2 this summer.  A close friend talked me out of my KX1 a while back which, for some reason, resurrected an urge to build again.  I've built all the mini-modules and the big rigs, but screw-driver assembly isn't nearly as satisfying as solder-assembly.


Kent Trimble, K9ZTV
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