Kent and all,

The K1 needed to be discontinued because the enclosure metalwork was no longer available, and the cost for a new vendor to tool up was prohibitive.

OTOH, the K2 is around and selling for just as long as possible. Procurement of thru-hole components becomes more difficult as manufacturers are switching to all SMD components. So far Elecraft has been able to provide suitable substitutes such as the SA612 IC mounted on a carrier board so it can be used in a thru-hole board. Other such substitutions will be coming in the future, but Elecraft is dedicated to keeping the K2 kit alive for as long as possible.


On 4/12/2018 12:42 PM, KENT TRIMBLE wrote:

Suspecting the K1 and K2 kits are probably not long for this Earth, I bought both last Fall with the intent of building the K1 this Spring and the K2 this summer.  A close friend talked me out of my KX1 a while back which, for some reason, resurrected an urge to build again.  I've built all the mini-modules and the big rigs, but screw-driver assembly isn't nearly as satisfying as solder-assembly.

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