Thanks to everyone for your assistance. After exhausting the ideas
suggested in this thread, I did have to send my KX2 to Elecraft for
service. They determined the issue was "U20, U22 drivers for PA at fault."

Looking at the schematic, these two components appear to drive the final

Does anyone have any ideas as to what may have caused this failure? It's
not clear to me whether a high SWR could have provoked this.

Note: U20 and U22 are located on schematic "Assembly E850729", Sheet 3
of 4. It has these as SGA7489, but this part may be discontinued.
Elecraft replaced both of these with part E600447/ GALI-84+.

Chris (KD2FLH)

On 03/25/2018 12:35 PM, Don Wilhelm wrote:
> Chris,
> That high SWR indication along with the HI CUR warning usually means
> that there is no antenna or dummy load electrically connected.
> Check the cable from the KXAT3 to the BNC jack to be certain it is
> properly seated.
> Did you ever connect an old 75 ohm BNC connector to the KX3?  Modern 75
> ohm BNC connectors have the same size center pin as the 50 ohm
> connectors, but older ones may have a larger center pin.
> If you used one of those old 75 ohm connectors, you may have enlarged
> the center conductor of the KX3 BNC jack and then later using a 50 ohm
> connector, there will be a break in the continuity.
> You may be able to bend the fingers of the female BNC jack inward, but
> if that is not feasible, replace the BNC jack.
> 73,
> Don W3FPR
> On 3/25/2018 10:53 AM, Chris wrote:
>> Bill,
>> Thanks for your response. I tried tuning into a 50 ohm dummy load
>> (using known good cables), and see the same issue.
>> Neither the BNC nor the internal cables look damaged in any way.
>> I'll note I never use an internal battery, so I rarely open the unit.
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