I recently bought a used KX1 with 4 bands and the ATU.  I put in six AA 
alkaline batteries and made contacts on each of the 4 bands with about 1.5 watt 
output on each band.   All seemed to work perfectly. Yesterday I noticed I 
could no longer run the RF gain wide open.  Doing so greatly reduced the 
sensitivity. I had to back off on the gain at least one dot to regain normal 
sensitivity.  Also I noticed a motor boating sound in the receiver which had 
not been there before. Touching the cabinet or moving the rig into different 
positions changes the the intensity of this sound.  I thought perhaps battery 
voltage was too low so I put in a new set. There was no change.  Does anyone 
have an idea orf what the problem may be?73, Puck W4PM

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