Good evening,

   A cool week with some dense mist.  The ferns are getting taller but far from completely unrolled.  The bracken fern is over six feet tall while the sword fern is just getting started.  Where the bracken fern dies back with the first few frosts the sword fern only dies in the early spring when the new growth appears. They only get to about four feet tall but they can cut you.  Just one more shade of green in the misty forest.

   The sun is blank again.  Space weather says we are in a quiet region "between streams of solar wind".  Quiet is good; strong signals are better.  I'll probably be off net frequency a bit because with conditions like these I can hear well but the other folks on frequency cannot hear me (without a scorecard).  Working either 0.5 above or below the specified frequency helps me find an open space; hopefully for the entire net.

Please join us tomorrow on:

14050 kHz at 2200z Sunday (3 PM PDT Sunday)
  7045 kHz at 0000z Monday (5 PM PDT Sunday)

Kevin. KD5ONS


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