It does sound like the RF Gain pot has become scratchy - replace it, don't even bother with temporary fixes like cleaning stuff.

With that serial number, replace both the RF Gain pot and the AF Gain pot. While you have the front panel board removed from the metalwork, I would recommend that you do the entire Alternate AF Gain Wiring Mod. It involves all three boards, but no parts - only trace cuts and added wire.


On 8/15/2019 3:49 PM, KD0Q wrote:
I have a new to me K2 SN in the 1200's that appears to have a flaky RF Gain
control.  The lightest of touch on the knob triggers what I think is AGC.
The receiver goes silent for a few seconds, longer with slow AGC.  Is it
the pot or is there something else I should be looking at?

If I need to replace the RF Gain pot, what other updates should I do while
I've got the panel off?

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