Merci Guy
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  On te réclame tout simplement les frais de passage en douane et la TVA 
anglaise. C'est moins que la TVA française.

  Guy R.

  At 14:26 15/03/2012, you wrote:

    Bonjour à tous,
    Avez-vous déjà reçu ce type de message suite à une cde HK ?
    Si oui est-ce que c'est normal ?
    Si je ne paye pas le supplément réclamé que ce passe-t-il ?
    Et si je le paye recevrais-je mon colis ?
    Merci de vos réponses avisées
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    Subject: Your Order no 4131143 from Dynamic Model under our Airwaybill 
number 85208897395

    SCS Express International Limited

    E - M e s s a g e

    Dear Pottier Jean-Claude ,

    Re: Your order no. 4131143  from Dynamic Model under our Airwaybill number 

    We are glad to inform you that your parcel  order  from Hobby King had 
arrived at our Europe hub

    station.   Your parcel had been cleared from EU region  by bulk declaration 
under one consolidated

    shipment in order to minimize the clearance costs. Now  the Parcel is ready 
for dispatch to you and

    waiting for your payment settle by Paypal as follows :

    The total sum of amount of EUR 36.54  which is inclusive of any duty and 
VAT charge if applicable.

    ( Attached file for the AWB copy and the receipt for your reference)

    You have no need to pay more VAT or duties in your own countries as your 
parcel was finished

    custom clearance in EU region.

    All VAT charge needs to be paid within ten working days as Free storage 
charge only for 10 working

    days only.

    Our Paypal account is

    Once we was received payment confirmation from Paypal,  our EU Hub station 
will arrange your parcel

    to be delivered to you by UPS service within 2-4 working days. You can 
track the further shipping details

    and status from our web site at by using our Airwaybill 
number quoted as above

    after your payment was being confirmed and accepted on next working day 

    Please copy & paste the following your payment details into Paypal.

    Order no.  4131143 under Airwaybill no. 85208897395

    Finished custom clearance dated : 16-Mar-2012

    Once again, thank you for using our SCS Express Hand-Carry Service to 
handle your shipment.

    If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by Email at 
our mail box at

    B. Regards,

    Kalie Kwan

    SCS Express International Ltd

    Hong Kong

    Email :

    Web site :

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