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> Objet : [electron.libre] Pour quelques colistiers
> Pour ceux qui ont du matériel de chez Schulze (qui a donc fermé il y a env. 
> 2ans : ancien site accessible comme ça 
> http://www.matthias-schulze-elektronik.de/old_schulze_gmbh_homepage/ )
>Dear Jacques, thank you for asking. If you have a problem with one of the 
>Schulze devices then you can send it to me with an accompanying letter to me 
>for a check and/or repair. This letter shall explain
- A) the content(s) of the parcel AND - B) the error(s)/malfunction(s) of the 
Please do not forget your
- C) complete and legible(!) postal address and
- D) notify also your e-mail address. This e-mail address is also important for 
my automatic confirmation of receipt.
It is important to know also- E) whether you need a cost estimate or
if I should assess whether a repair is worth or not.
(e.g. if the repair does not exceed half of the original price).

The simplest way is to
- complete this email with the missing information,
- then print it and
- then enclose it with the repair-parcel or letter.

Unfortunately, many parcels reach me with unreadable package address labels and 
without accompanying letter.
Even a cover letter - which refers to previously guided e-mail traffic - is of 
no use,
if the relevant e-mail address is not given. Best regards Matthias Schulze My 
(shipping-)address:Matthias Schulze
> Prenzlauer Weg 6
> 64331 WeiterstadtGermany(Hint: please do NOT write Schulze Elektronik 
> GmbH)Homepage: www.matthias-schulze-elektronik.de
> E-Mail: serv...@matthias-schulze-elektronik.de

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