Guuuuys, please don't start a flamewar out of nowhere!

Jose: Thanks for your proposal! Libmutter does indeed implement a Wayland
compositor and it's the Glib equivalent of Qt's compositor module.
Migration to Mir does not make sense for us because Mutter and even GTK are
not natively supported by it, so we'll have to go with Wayland - it's
pretty much our only option.

However, I expect all our stuff and especially Gala to be shaken up for the
Wayland migration, and I'd like to see a more radical redesign after the
iterative Isis cycle. Among the things I'd really like to see implemented
is this:

I'm not aware of anyone doing such things before, so that sounds like a fun
ride to take part in! If you're interested, Vala is easier to use than C++,
so you should be able to migrate in no time - especially given the fact
that it compiles to C :) and provide a good kick-start.

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
OS architect @ elementary
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