Kalle Olavi Niemitalo <k...@iki.fi> writes:

> However, these patches alter the description strings of many
> options, and the translations will have to be updated.  I
> don't know if it's right to push such changes to 0.12pre2.GIT.

Well, I pushed them there anyway: only da.po and pl.po had been
updated since 0.12pre1, so it's not like a lot of work was wasted.
It seems important to keep translations similar in elinks-0.12
and master to minimize merge conflicts that are difficult to
resolve correctly when one doesn't understand the language.

This reminds me, I read that some project removed source line
references (#: comments) from PO files in its version control
system, perhaps to avoid uninteresting merge conflicts.  Should
we do the same?  The source line references could be added in
labelled commits such as elinks-0.13.2, and again removed
immediately afterwards.

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