Hema Seetharamaiah <h...@treap.net> writes:

> I license my changes under GPL V2 or later. 
> Please accept the patch if this is ok.

Can you also give permission to link with OpenSSL?  I see your
patch affects only configure.in, which doesn't really become part
of the elinks executable, but anyway I think it'd be clearest to
get such permission for all ELinks-specific code.  (We don't
currently have explicit permission from all copyright holders
but I don't want to make the situation any worse.)

The FSF apparently recommends also giving explicit permission to
link with libraries licensed under LGPL:
I don't know how necessary that really is.  (It seems related
to section 3 of LGPLv2.)

Then, I'd like to store your name and email address in at least
these publicly visible places:
- In the AUTHORS file, whence the name would get to 
  http://elinks.cz/authors.html too.  The licensing notice would
  also go here.
- In related release announcements.  (Perhaps not the email
  address though.)
- In the Git commit metadata.  The cia.vc and ohloh.com web sites
  are already collecting information from there and others might
  do so in the future.
Is such use of your personal information OK with you?  I presume
it is, because you included that info in the "From:" line of the
patch, but I'd like to have explicit permission if possible.

The Linux and Git projects document similar requirements in their
SubmittingPatches files and expect contributors to add a
Signed-Off-By line to their commit messages if they grant the
necessary permissions.  ELinks doesn't currently have these
things written down; each committer apparently decides on his own
what he dares to push.

At this time, I think the licensing of any code added to ELinks
should satisfy:
- requirement: GPLv2 compatible.
- very desirable: OpenSSL compatible. 
- very desirable: GPLv3 compatible, so that the current
  libsmbclient could be used.
- desirable: GPLv2-or-later, so that when GPLv4 comes out and
  libraries switch to it, we wouldn't have to locate the
  original copyright holder's heirs.
- desirable: BSD-like licence, to avoid being forced to
  upgrade to ever more complex versions of GNU GPL.

Other ELinks developers might not share these opinions.

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