On Sun, May 17, 2009 11:05 pm, Kalle Olavi Niemitalo wrote:

> Can you also give permission to link with OpenSSL?

Yes, I provide explicit permission to link with OpenSSL.

> The FSF apparently recommends also giving explicit permission to
> link with libraries licensed under LGPL:

Yes, I provide explicit permission to link with code licensed under LGPL.

> Then, I'd like to store your name and email address in at least
> these publicly visible places:
> Is such use of your personal information OK with you?

Yes. This is OK with me.

> At this time, I think the licensing of any code added to ELinks
> should satisfy:
> - requirement: GPLv2 compatible.
> - very desirable: OpenSSL compatible.
> - very desirable: GPLv3 compatible, so that the current
>   libsmbclient could be used.
> - desirable: GPLv2-or-later, so that when GPLv4 comes out and
>   libraries switch to it, we wouldn't have to locate the
>   original copyright holder's heirs.

My responses in the previous and this mail ( above ) satisfy these

> - desirable: BSD-like licence, to avoid being forced to
>   upgrade to ever more complex versions of GNU GPL.

I also explicitly license my code to be used under the modified BSD and
X11 license.


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