"Yuriy M. Kaminskiy" <yum...@gmail.com> writes:

>   I noticed that search for more than 1 double-width (japanese)
> character fails (search for single char works), and found that get_srch
> don't skip placeholders (UCS_NO_CHAR) for double-width character.
> Attached patch should solve this problem.

That is indeed a bug and your patch fixes it.

> PS just in case, same bug was in 0.12pre2 (not sure about earlier releases).

ELinks 0.12pre1 has the same bug.  The elinks-0.11 branch does
not support fullwidth characters.

> PPS did not checked with --disable-utf-8; should be no-op with gcc
> warning about "cond. always false", I think.

This appears to cause a warning with gcc-4.1 and gcc-4.2 but not
with gcc-4.3.  In ELinks, configure --enable-debug adds -Werror
to CFLAGS, so there must not be any warnings.  Please add #ifdef

ELinks is currently licensed under GPLv2 only.  I hope we can
eventually change the licence to also allow later versions of
GPL and permit linking with OpenSSL.  Do you allow such
relicensing for your patch?  (A more permissive licence would be
fine too.)

Do you give permission to add your name and email address to the
commit information, to the AUTHORS file, and similar places
(e.g. a list of contributors in release notes)?  The cia.vc and
ohloh.com web sites are already collecting this information and
others might do so in the future.

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